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Vital Events Reference Tables 2008

7 August 2009

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These tables contain 2008 demographic data. They provide the same level of information contained in past (pre-2001) Registrar General's Annual Reports(available on this website). Tables containing 2008 data are divided into9 sections -Summary, Adoptions and re-registrations, Births, Stillbirths and infant deaths, Deaths, Deaths by cause, Marriages, Divorces, and Civil partnerships& dissolutions of civil partnerships. The tables - listed below - are based on vital event numbers.

Correction of errors

We regret that the following errors occurred:

  • Until11June 2010, the figures in the 'standardised death rate' column in Table 1.3 were wrong - please refer to the note on the Section 1: Summary page.

  • Until10 August 2010, over half of the figures in Table 6.13 appeared on the row below the correct one - please go to the note on the Section 6 - Deaths: causes page.

We apologise for any problems or inconvenience caused bythese errors.

Revision of 2008 Marital Status Population Estimates

In tables 3.5 and 7.2, 2008 figures have been recalculated using the Marital Status Population Estimates that were published in October 2009.In addition some of the figures for 2002 to 2007 have been changed to take account of the revision of the Marital Status Population Estimates for those years.2008 figures in table 3.12 have also been recalculated using the revised Marital Status Population Estimates.

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