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2009 Births, Marriages and Deaths - Preliminary Annual Figures

Published on 11 March 2010

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Note: The figures in this release have been superseded by the final figures, which appear in the Vital Events Reference Tables 2009. 

This return gives the Registrar General's provisional figures for vital events registered during 2009. A news release entitled A Fall in Deaths from Scotland’s Three Biggest Killers, accompanies this return.

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Table P1

Population and vital events, Scotland, 1855 to 2009
(Excel    CSV    PDF)

Table P2

Estimated population, births, stillbirths, deaths and marriages, numbers and rates,by administrative area, Scotland, 2009
(Excel    CSV    PDF)

Table P3

Deaths, by sex, age and administrative area, Scotland, 2009
(Excel    CSV    PDF)

Table P4

Deaths, by cause, Scotland 2006 to 2009
(Excel    CSV    PDF)

Table P5

Deaths by sex, age and cause, Scotland, 2009
(Excel    CSV    PDF)

Table P6

Deaths by sex, cause and NHS Board area, Scotland, 2009
(Excel    CSV    PDF)

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2009 Births, Marriages and Deaths Preliminary Return


Rates for 1994-2000 are based on revised estimates for 1994-2000, which took account of the final census-based population estimates for 2001.

Because of corrections and late registrations the provisional annual totals given in the Preliminary Return may not equal the sum of the figures given in the four Quarterly Returns.

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