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Winter Mortality

This section presents data on the seasonal increase in mortality in the winter in Scotland. For the purpose of these statistics, the seasonal increase in mortality in the winter has been defined as the difference between the number of deaths in the four 'winter' months (December to March) and the average of the numbers of deaths in the two four month periods which precede winter (August to November) and follow winter (April to July).


Winter Mortality in Scotland, 2012/2013


Winter Mortality in Scotland, 2011/2012


Historical data back to 1989


The title of this publication was changed to reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings (ie. somebody reading 'Increased Winter Mortality in Scotland, 2009/10' might wrongly infer that there had been an increase in winter mortality).

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Statistics for other parts of the United Kingdom (UK)

Information for England & Wales can be found on the ONS website. Please note that these figures may not always be on exactly the same basis as the National Records for Scotland (NRS) figures: there can be differences in the coverage of what at first sight appear to be the same statistics.

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