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Mid-Year Population Estimates


The latest annual mid-year population estimates for Scotland and its constituent NHS Board and Council areas. This section also includes historical data back to 1982 and a time series dataset. More detailed information on Migration can be found on this website. The detailed migration data is released usually in July following the equivalent Mid-Year Estimates. Additional commentary on population estimates and migration can be found in the Registrar General’s Annual Review. Data on Special Area Population Estimates and Estimates for Special Populations as well as Small Area Population Estimates are also available. 


Mid-2013 Population Estimates Scotland


Mid-2011 and Mid-2012 Population Estimates Scotland


Mid-2002 to Mid-2010 Revision 


Unrevised Mid-Year Population Estimates based on the 2001 Census

Population Estimates Time Series Data
Population Pyramids of Scotland
Mid-Year Population Estimates - Revised 1982-2000

2001 Populations

Additional information
2011 Census Reconciliation Report - Population
2011 Census (Scotland's Census website)
Cost of responding to the armed forces unit survey


Mid-Year Population Estimates for Scotland: Methodology Guide
Published 26 June 2014
(Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) 327 Kb)

Information on population estimates across the UK

Population estimates for local authorities across UK constituent countries: a comparison of data sources and methods (PDF 99 Kb, available from the Office for National Statistics website)

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