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Book of Scottish Connections

What is the Book of Scottish Connections (BSC)?

The BSC is a public record that allows people all over the world, with a Scottish connection, to apply for a birth, death, marriage or civil partnership abroad to be recorded in the BSC held by the Registrar General in Edinburgh (provided that the event has already been registered with the civil registration authorities of the country in question).  A commemorative certificate of the event (and the Scottish connection) will then be available from the registration service in Scotland, to be preserved as a part of the family history record. 

I want to apply for and entry to be made in the BSC.  How do I go about it?

The following documents about our requirements may be helpful and are available to download.

(Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (pdf)): Get Acrobat Reader

• Information leaflet BSC6 – Book of Scottish Connections (51 Kb pdf file)
• Application Form – Birth – Form BSC1 (29 Kb pdf file)
• Application Form – Death – Form BSC2 (29 Kb pdf file)
• Application Form – Marriage – Form BSC3 (29 Kb pdf file)
• Application Form – Civil Partnership – Form BSC4 (29 Kb pdf file)
• Form to provide card details to pay for an entry in the BSC – Form BSC5 (18 Kb pdf file)

The BSC6 leaflet should answer most of your questions but please bear in mind the following points:

• Ensure that any application meets the eligibility requirements.
• Remember to provide an original or certified copy of the certificate recording the event and a translation (if applicable).
• Remember to send the correct fee with your application.
• The copy of the entry in the BSC you receive is commemorative and cannot be used as evidence that the event took place.


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